Buying a home is often one of the most expensive investments we make. Expensive investments can bring about a fair amount of stress. Give your family PEACE OF MIND by having it inspected by a trained, experienced, and licensed professional. We will deliver the results of our inspection to you in a detailed, easy-to-understand report to give you a full understanding of your potential purchase. Our report will include annotated pictures, easy-to-understand narratives, links to other resources, and videos aimed at helping you in making an informed decision. An inspection by Acuity comes with a  BUY BACK GUARANTEE !



    Thinking of selling your home? A pre-listing inspection can allow you to become aware of any underlying issues and give you ample time to prepare for negotiations or fix items before your house hits the market.



    Acuity Home Inspection Services is licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture's pesticide Division to conduct inspections for wood destroying insects such as wood-boring beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. We offer this as a stand-alone service, or it can be bundled with a standard home inspection.


    Acuity Home Inspection Services is certified through the International Association of Certified Air Consultants to do both surface and air sampling of air quality issues, including mold.  Our collected data is laboratory analyzed and the results are delivered to you in a detailed report that documents levels of harmful allergens detected.

    This service can be bundled to a standard home inspection or purchased separately.  If you have concerns about the air quality in the home that you currently own, one you are considering buying,  or if you have had recent flooding or water leaks, consider indoor air quality testing to assess your situation. 



    We use a combination of the latest technology (such as FLIR infrared cameras), best practices, energy calculations, and experience to identify energy deficiencies in your home and provide recommendations to provide solutions to increase your energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. 


    While we are proud to offer complete home inspections, you may only need a specific part of your home inspected. We've got you covered.  Acuity Home Inspection Services offers a wide variety of limited-scope inspections, shown below.

  • Radon Inspections:

    Acuity Home Inspection Services is licensed in Ohio to perform indoor radon testing. We use state-of-the-art equipment to collect continuous air samples in 10-minute increments over a 48-hour or longer period. The results are delivered to you in a computerized graph showing any radon measured and a recommendation for any treatment needed. 


    If you are purchasing a manufactured home in Ohio or Kentucky, your lender is likely to require that you have a structural foundation inspection completed. Acuity Home Inspection Services can provide Manufactured Home Hud Compliance Certifications and other specialized inspections related to manufactured housing. 

  • We make every safe attempt to walk on every roof that we can as part of our inspection process, but sometimes, we encounter a roof that is simply too steep to safely navagate. In those situations, Acuity has an FAA Certified Drone Pilot to safely and efficiently inspect your roof using the latest technology. Additionally, perhaps you would like a nice video and some aerial photos of your property? Just let us know!

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